Committed to Sustainable & Charitable Packaging

Americraft is proud to be a leading corporate citizen in the packaging industry. Our comprehensive sustainability program ranges from waste reduction to corporate social responsibility:

Waste Reduction

We recycle 100% of the scrap and excess material generated in our manufacturing facilities to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. Along with our paperboard, 100% of other byproducts including printing plates, shrink wrap, metal containers, banding, wood pallets and paperboard roll cores are all recycled.

Energy Efficiency

To reduce the amount of energy consumed by our plants, we’ve invested heavily in modern high-speed equipment as well as low-energy lighting and heating systems.

Business Practices

Americraft continually expands our environmental sustainability efforts beyond our doors. We educate our customers about eco-friendly packaging options and work with them to reduce and recycle any waste related to our products. We also learn innovative sustainability practices from our suppliers and customers who are a terrific resource for respectful environmental practices.

Community Development

Americraft supports local nonprofits focused on the development of communities where we operate through corporate philanthropy and a donation matching program that encourages our employees to join us in giving back.

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